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Cannabis and CBD can be an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, but...

  • Even in the 38 States where cannabis is legalized, it’s challenging to locate the optimal products consistently, when you need them.
  • CBD products, while legal in all States, suffer from numerous inferior products that may be harmful if consumed incorrectly.

1. What do I take?

2. How much do I take?

3. Where do I get it?

Let’s save you time and keep you safe.


Let's Navigate to your Health and Wellness Destination.

  • Optimize your cannabinoid therapy.
  • Identify any potential adverse potholes or objects on the road.
  • Take the most efficient route to help Improve the quality of your life.
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Precision Cannabis Care


EndoDNA Genetic Test

Our groundbreaking, patented EndoDNA test gives you a personalized view of how cannabinoids interact with your genetics. With one oral swab, we can unlock important insights into your cannabinoid metabolism and predisposition to certain to conditions. Your DNA serves as a blueprint that we use to help guide your therapeutic choices.


8 Reports detail your genetic predisposition to THC.

THC Side Effects

With a handful of genetic links identified to cause short-term and long-term side effects, it is important to evaluate potential predispositions when considering Delta 9 THC consumption.

Let’s explore the possibilities together so that you can be informed about where you stand with THC and your genes.

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Pharmacogenetic impact

Metabolic Function Report

  • Every individual is unique in their ability to metabolize THC and CBD – but do you know how your genetic makeup affects which dosages are right for you?
  • We use advanced genetic analysis to determine your metabolic phenotypes and sensitivity to oral/sublingual THC and CBD.
  • Knowing how your body metabolizes THC and CBD is the key to finding that perfect dosage.

Medication Management Screening

  • As our team of scientists have identified over 200 medications that may interact with cannabinoids, we are committed to helping you reduce the number of prescriptions in your arsenal.
  • We’ll generate a report for your physician after evaluating any potential interactions and can even refer you to one of our network providers if need be.
  • This process is fully dynamic; anytime changes occur, simply let us know so we can create an updated report. Together, let’s strive towards optimal health!

Personalized Wellness Plan

  • After a brief assessment from you and your genetic screening, you will receive a comprehensive quality of life protocol based on the symptomatic conditions you want to address.
  • We include personalized product suggestions that align with your biology.


Consult with a Trained Endocannabinoid Genetic Specialist

  • One of our specialty-trained Endocannabinoid DNA counselors will review your results with you and answer any questions or concerns.
  • Schedule your included telehealth consultation after your results is delivered, or we’ll answer your questions via email or chat.

Genetically-aligned Product Suggestions

Review product suggestions in and see what percentage it matches your genotypes. Receive discounts or gift certificates from participating product manufacturers.


Follow up Consultations
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Let's make sure you are getting results

  • Our AI-powered platform is your guide to unlocking personalized cannabinoid efficacy. Our patent-pending algorithms provide real-time updates based on genomic tests and biometrics, enabling us to make the necessary adjustments for maximized success.
  • With evidence-based research at our disposal, you can rest assured that confidential professional support through telehealth or email will be available for 12 months following your initial consultation – at no extra charge!


Your Personal DNA Report Portal and Health Dashboard Genetic Platform

We built the secure platform for you to access your genetic reports, review updated information as it becomes available and review products that may be more optimal for you. We’ll notify you when you reports and updated scientific research is available.

Your Personalized Health Dashboard

Your GPS needs a dashboard to show you where you are. Membership includes your own HIPAA secure, Health Dashboard to monitor your biometrics, review your wellness protocols, communicate with your care team and much more.

Real People. Real Results.

“So for anyone who’s listening and gets this report – you’ll see things that you don’t think apply to you, but wake up! Because you might be up for a rude awakening the won’t be by choice.”

Brandon Allen

Celebrity Chef

“They do an exceptional job… breaking down my cannabinoid profile to where it really tells me how I consume or internalize CBD in cannabis. A lot of insight into who I am and how I can treat my body holistically”

Robert Griffith

Former NFL Pro-Bowler And 2 Time ALL-PRO, 13 NFL Seasons With The Minnesota Vikings

“Not only was the information super interesting and valuable as far as how my personal DNA and genetics interact with THC and CBD, and how to optimize my experience with cannabis, but it gave me great insight into the terpene profiles that best fit my genetic makeup.”

Eben Britten

Former NFL Player With The Jacksonville Jaguars And Chicago Bears

"After one inhalation I found myself literally convulsing on my kitchen floor for over 10 minutes. Needless to say I was scared to death to try it again. That was when I researched and found my friends at Endocanna Health." "I am blown away at the accuracy and cutting-edge science that has gone into their testing."

Pauline Koinis

Somatic Healer, Cancer Survivor

“The data and robust research that they provide absolutely blew my mind. Believe me. If you’re thinking about getting your DNA results from Indo DNA don’t delay you will be absolutely astonished at what you can learn with your personalized guidebook to the endocannabinoid system.”

Kristina Etter

Editorial Content Director And Owner, CannabisTech, Freelance Cannabis Content Writer

"I am a nurse, and I work with cannabis patients. The EndoDNA report is helping so many people find their starting point with cannabis."



"Thank you for your amazing gift. I think it saved a life!!!"

Debra Kimless


Two methods to provide you with the EndoDNA test

We will provide you with a complete sample collection kit and prepaid anonymous shipping to our laboratory. All it takes is a simple swab on the inside of your cheek.

Already done a test with 23andMe or Ancestry DNA?  Upload your raw data file from either company to our secure server.  Your report is ready in minutes.

50% Off for Canna Care Customers

For a limited time, Canna Care Customers receive Precision Cannabis Care at half price.  No subscription is required.

Offer expires Feburary 20, 2023.

DNA Upload
(23andMe or Ancestry DNA Customers)

Complete Concierge Program One Low Price
$ 99
  • EndoDNA™ Genetic Report
  • Upload + Instantaneous
  • 100+ DNA Reports
  • PGx Metabolism & Dosing Report
  • Dynamic Medication Management
  • Report Review with a Trained Specialist
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Genetically-Aligned Product Suggestions
  • Personalized Health Dashboard
  • Account
  • Follow-up Consultations
Instant Access

Includes DNA
Collection Kit and Laboratory Analysis

Complete Concierge Program One Low Price
$ 149
  • EndoDNA™ Genetic Test
  • DNA Collection Kit
  • 100+ DNA Reports
  • PGx Metabolism & Dosing Report
  • Dynamic Medication Management
  • Report Review with a Trained Specialist
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Genetically-Aligned Product Suggestions
  • Personalized Health Dashboard
  • Account
  • Follow-up Consultations