CBD and Cannabinoid Products:
Endocanna Health has 8 patent-pending formulations that we licensed to CBD and Cannabis product manufacturers Internationally. We also manufacture our own line of legal cannabinoid-based products under the Effica Wellness label. Effica products are available through medical providers or directly to our customers and are not sold at retail. We identify ALL verifiable products available to you, and you are not under any obligation to purchase products from us.

Cannabis products:
We do not manufacture or sell cannabis products with THC with concentrations above .3%, the federally legal amount. Our care team will assist you with selecting cannabis products if they are available in your area.

At Endocanna Health, we are committed to helping create the right cannabis journey for you by utilizing cutting-edge technology combined with detailed Certificates of Analysis and terpene profiles from manufacturers across North America! Our product matching database identifies all available products near you or online so our algorithms can determine what fits your unique genetic predispositions best – a process known as Endo-alignment. Plus, clicking on each listing takes it one step further by connecting directly to the manufacturer’s website or store – making accessing quality CBD/THC just that much easier.